VLOG no. 11: Christmas + New Year’s

It was difficult for me to come back to Houston for the break as my father had just passed away and went home to be with the Lord after surviving cancer for 3 years. My Winter Break is almost over, and I can say that my break was far off from the upbeat, red and green, hot cocoa drinking, ugly sweater wearing Christmas. This break consisted of inconsistent sleep hours and pure frustration.

But for these past few weeks, I was fortunate enough to be kept in company by my Pastor and a fellow church member as they renovated the interior for my house. On both my good and bad days, he took the time out to see where I was at and gave me some pointers on some things I could do to find the drive to keep pushing forward. I’m still that guy standing on thin ice, but from where I was a few months ago, I can see somewhat of a progress.

2015 is here and I’m at a new chapter in my life, but closure is the last thing I’m looking for. This point in my life is very much permanent with my recollection of the things I have encountered in life so I’m finding a way to live with it instead.

Finding the words to say for this post was hard and I don’t know if vlogging this was the right move, but I thought of sharing this experience to show that people are not alone when it comes to the highs and lows of life.

If you were to take something out of this, I hope that you learn to love a little more, regardless of how cliché that sounds.

Thank you for checking out my blog!

VLOG no. 10: Dakota juggling, Dustin’s Birthday, Zach losing a bet, + BSM Open Mic Night

The title makes the video pretty self-explanatory, but besides that I’m also gonna have to say sorry in advance since I didn’t get to record everyone’s performance last night. My camera had reached its max for the memory. So yeah, I didn’t get to record everything but everyone did put on a really great show.

As for the usual, thanks for watching and I will update my blog ASAP.