VLOG no. 10: Dakota juggling, Dustin’s Birthday, Zach losing a bet, + BSM Open Mic Night

The title makes the video pretty self-explanatory, but besides that I’m also gonna have to say sorry in advance since I didn’t get to record everyone’s performance last night. My camera had reached its max for the memory. So yeah, I didn’t get to record everything but everyone did put on a really great show.

As for the usual, thanks for watching and I will update my blog ASAP.

VLOG no. 9: Good ‘ol Southern Barbeque, & Kayaking and Indian Food for a 1st

Going to Austin yesterday was quite a hassle, but at the end of the day, I can definitely say it was worth it. We ate some really good street vendor food, I went kayaking for the first time, and I ate Indian food for the first time as well.

Along the way, I passed by some really neat street art. The graffiti by East 7th Eats was really good. Some call it gentrification with the social class shift going on in this period and the years prior to its progress now, but when I’m just looking at the street arts around me for what it is: good art, I see potential and beauty. Some may not agree with my preference of art and style, but hey, this blog is under my name… hah.


While I took some time to take some pictures of the graffiti/street art, then came the barbecue and smoke-flavored peach cobbler which was straight up delicious. I’d show you a picture but I ate all of it along with the ribs before I could take a picture, but what was unique about it was the smoke-flavor since the guy that makes it, exclusively, lets the peach cobbler sit by the barbecue grill then cools it off as cold as ice cream.. yeah it was simply too good.

As for the Kayaking and Indian food, doing something for a first was definitely enjoyable since life can only be so repetitive. I enjoyed working out my arms and then putting it to waste with the delicious ethnic food.

If I were to sum up my day, moving around Austin, I’d say that the vibe was so different from my hometown Houston, but in a good way since being in the same crowd, with the same routine, and the same agenda just makes everything so bland.

I was honestly a little surprised since I had a general concept of what every area in Texas was like, but encountering it was so different. It’s like when I walked in the coffee shop next to the street vendors area to use the restroom, I came in and saw a crowd of hipsters minding their own business and drinking coffee. But their character or their essence was so evident, that I felt like I stood out like a sprinkle of pepper in a jar of salt. It made me a little anxious to be there, but it was actually kind of funny as well.

So yeah, that was just about it for me. Thanks for viewing my page, and maybe you can see what I’m talking about if you come by Austin some time, or whenever. Peace*