VLOG no. 7

After trying to vlog some videos during my summer and being stuck at home, being inactive made me pretty inconsistent. I can say it gave me a good rest, but it was pretty difficult even trying to record anything since I couldn’t really get around my hometown as much I wanted to. But for any viewers watching, thanks for taking the time out of your day to see my vid(s). Peace*


VLOG # 6: fishing trip

Even though I initially planned to vlog a lot more by the start of this summer, I had been “voluntarily” put into some summer classes by my parents so I can get ahead in school. Besides that, I will definitely put up more videos by the time I start recording more videos for my blog. if you’re still checking out my blog content, sorry about the late updates, school has to come first, but I will definitely keep my blog up to date ASAP and keep recording for my vlog. Thank you..